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And more! If you don’t see your subject here, please contact me. I will help if I can.



desktop.2b37c07ad784I have over four years experience in online tutoring using a variety of platforms including Skype and TutorsBox. Currently, TutorsBox is my preferred method for meeting online, but I will try to accommodate any requests. I also hope to start posting online resources in the near future. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to schedule a meeting.




aberdeenDowntownIf you live in or near Aberdeen, South Dakota, and would like in-person tutoring, please send me a message to that effect, and we will arrange a time and place to meet.






“Excellent session, Mike makes Quadratic Integers which is really Abstract Algebra application of Number Theory really easy to understand.”

“Mike was awesome, very helpful.”

“This session was really helpful. I’m definitely feeling better about Laurent Series. I’m excited to get more familiar with The Argument Principle.”

“Excellent preparation and results.”

“Mike explains questions in graphic and symbolic form which is helpful.”

“highly informative, clear exposition.”

“Super explanations.”

“Great help for measure theory. Thank you so much.”

“Great session on Real Analysis. Thank you so much. Looking forward to continuing our sessions.”

“Excellent as always providing much to think about.”

“Very knowledgeble tutor. Helped me decipher my analysis textbook and finally understand what’s going on in class. Thank you.”

“Great tutor! I was struggling with real analysis, and he was able to explain the complexties of this advanced course. He essentially assisted me so that my midterm was understandable and easy.”

“I found his explanations for my Modern Algebra coursework to be excellent.”

“Excellent session clarifying some difficult issues in complex analysis.”

“Clear and thoughtful explanations.”

“Excellent covered everything in an easily understandable way.”

“Highly recommended.”

“Outstanding tutor!”

“Great session. You were really patient Mike and I appreciate that you can show not just how to do problems but also how to think and reason about them.”

“He is so smart he can solve hard questions the easy way.”

“Excellent and very thorough explanations!”

“Explains and covers the material very well.”

“I highly recommend him.”

“Fast and very detailed. Thank you!”

“Thank you so much that was helpful and very good.”

“Mike, Thank you so much for such detailed solutions. I greatly appreciate your help. Going through your proofs helps me to understand the material better.”

“Thank you Dr. Melko, I think I finally understand what mathematics is about.”